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Scruffy Paws CKD University

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Containing over 20 videos DIVING DEEP into CKD (the causes, high level prevention strategies and veterinary hacks that help your kitty feel better and live longer). We've worked hard to make 'Scruffy Paws CKD University' the most extensive, applicable, and down right useful feline CKD training course on the web today.
Chock full of actionable strategies, we want to give you a program you can come back to time and time again! With real, lasting information you can apply TODAY to help your kitty. Such as:
Can CKD be prevented?
We answer this complex questions and give you the dietary ins and outs that will support your cats kidney health and try keep her safe from CKD (Wet, dry, raw? We tell you the feline friendly TRUTH that will help support your cats kidney health)
The small but HUGELY important checks that help you detect CKD EARLY! 
Allowing you to catch the illness in its infancy and prolong your cats life immeasurably… and help your kitty stay pain free!
A complete glossary of veterinary terms! 
We don't want you to head to your vet and be overwhelmed by the medical jargon they throw at you. Stay proactive and one step ahead with our in depth veterinarian buzzword glossary
We DEMYSTIFY the Kidney Diet!
Explore WHY its so important and most importantly.. HOW to get your cat eating it if she isn’t a fan
Digging into the BEST PRACTICES in keeping your cat hydrated! 
(Not only does dehydration place great strain on your cats body, its one of the biggest causes of fatality in CKD cats) 
Vet health hacks revealed!
 We reveal the hidden veterinary hacks showing HOW to improve the quality and length of life of your CKD cat! 
With new videos added every so often, we make sure the Scruffy Paws CKD university is the #1 CKD training curriculum on the web today
Course content
The Scruffy Paws CKD University contains 5 in-depth modules that leave no stone un-turned as you look to understand this illness
Module 1- Why are the kidneys so important
Here we lay the groundwork for the program. Much like building a house, laying the foundations is the most important step. And that's what happens in module 1.
We cover why your cats kidneys are so important, what they do and problems that can occur if your kittys kidneys aren't functioning properly. Not only that, we take a real, in depth look at the causes of CKD. As a cat parent, this is VITAL to know - allowing you to manage the household conditions to keep your cat (or cats) safe!
...and thats not all, in the BONUS section of this module we take our laser sharp focus, and look at CKD prevention strategies. With a fine tooth comb, we take a look at the most common and not so common suggestions to keep your kitties kidneys healthy
Module 2 - How to detect CKD early 
In module we dive head first into the latest, most cutting edge CKD detection strategies. As a cat parent, it's VITAL you know these.
Here's the truth. The earlier CKD is caught, the better. Why? Because CKD is a progressive illness. There is no known cure. The only thing you can do as a cat parent, is manage the condition and treat the symptoms. So detecting it early allows you to give treatment to your kitty immediately, and helps keep her as healthy as possible.
In module 2, we hyper focus on the 'hidden symptoms' that will help you catch CKD in its infancy! Allowing you to give your poor kitty the treatment she deserves ASAP!
Module 3 - What happens at the vets office during diagnosis 
Going to the vet can be overwhelming at the best of times, let alone when your furchild is sick and worried to death!
This is where module 3 comes in. Here we cover what you should expect when taking your kitty to the vets to check her kidney health. We'll go through the specific tests they'll do on your kitty AND what they'll be looking for.
Not only that, we'll give you our in depth glossary of 'vet speak', along with definitions. Our goal at the end of this module is for you to be ready, prepared and proactive when you go visit your vet!
Module 4 - What to do after a CKD diagnosis 
if your cat has just been diagnosed with CKD, then this module is for you. Here we cover the 'what happens next' once your kitty is diagnosed with CKD.
We talk about the range of treatments, analyze their effectiveness, and also tell you the truth about any complications that may arise. This module is hyper-important for every cat parent with an older cat.
...and thats not all! In the BONUS section of this module we take a look at the kidney diet. We explain why its SO IMPORTANT your cat starts eating this after a CKD diagnosis.
However, we also know that due to the lower protein content, it can be quite tough to get cats eating the therapeutic kidney diet. So we dive deep into a whole host of feline dinner time hacks to get your kitty chowing down on the kidney supporting goodness! 
Module 5 - How to give your cat the best quality of life after a CKD diagnosis 
In this module we cover the in depth, lifestyle, household and dietary hacks the vets don't tell you about... so our kitties can live the longest, most comfortable lives possible! 
...and not only that! In the BONUS section, we analyze the importance of keeping your cat hydrated during CKD. We go over the water bowl tricks to get your furbaby drinking more water. Not only that, we tell you about sub q fluid therapy - when its needed and when its unecessary!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


How will I access the course?
Good question! Once you complete checkout, you'll receive an email containing a unique registration link. Click the link and follow the simple sign up instructions. Create a password, and you'll be able to access the program whenever you please!


Will there be updates?
Yes! We'll be adding in new videos every so often. That's what makes the Scruffy Paws CKD University so exciting. You'll be getting access to a program which grows over time!


Is there a one time fee?
Yes! For the time being you only pay a single fee. However, we do plan to make this program a subscription offer. Thats why now is the best time to sign up and get access to the whole program, all for a single fee.


How can I watch it?
Once you complete sign up you'll be given access program homepage, where you'll be able to watch all the videos! With the program homepage link, you'll be able to watch it on your smartphone, tablet or PC!
Whose this program for? parents with CKD cats
Caring for a cat with CKD can be worrying at the best of time, and downright stressful at the worst. After watching Scruffy Paws CKD university you'll know the exact dietary, hydration and lifestyle changes you'll need to make to give your cat the best quality and length of life possible with a CKD diagnosis. Not only that, you'll understand what causes CKD and how best to speak to your vet regarding this illness. Its our mission to make CKD university your tried and tested resource in the battle against this progressive illness. parents who are worried about CKD
Scruffy Paws CKD University will take you by the hand and guide through this illness. We will make sure you know everything you need to about the causes AND the prevention strategies. Not only that, say your cats kidney health begins to deteriorate, you'll know the specific, early, 'hidden -warning' signs for the illness. So you can take your kitty to the vet immediately and give her the early treatment which is VITAL in managing the condition. parents with elderly cats
As cats age, their kidney function will naturally deteriorate with age, but with the Scruffy Paws CKD university at hand, you'll know specific the dietary changes required to maintain your kitty's kidney health. Not only that, you'll know exaclty what to look out for and the actions to take if your furbabies kidney function starts to decrease. parents with young cats
Don't be fooled in thinking CKD is an illness purely for elderly cats. The reality is, the causes of CKD can vary between genetic and external. Therefore its vital you keep the kidney health of your young kitties a priority. And that's where Scruffy Paws CKD university comes in! We cover the high level prevention strategies used by the pros to keep feline kidneys healthy... not only that, we give you an in depth look at the secret early warning signs of kidney problems. This is vital if you have a younger cat. You'll be the first to know when their kidney health deteriorates, and will be able to rush to the vet and get them the treatment they need. It really is a no brainer! 
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