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What are Transitional Supplements



With old age, general illness, or the fact that your cat is… well a cat, our little furballs can be pretty choosy

That’s why, it can be pretty tough to implement the necessary diet changes needed to keep your furball in tip-top health. And often, if your kitty’s feeling low... rocking to boat can cause more harm than good.

In the case of Kidney Disease, millions of cat owners up and down the nation constantly have to decide between stressing their already sick cat out with a wholesale diet change. Or keeping the same phosphate rich diet at the expense of their kitties health.

The truth is, there is no right answer. It really depends on the cat.

But at Scruffy Paws, we want to make that decision a lot easier.

Drum roll please... 

Introducing the Transitional Supplement!

We’ve formulated the worlds first “Transitional Top-Up Supplement”, this is a supplement designed for those fur babies who have specific illnesses/ailments where a diet change is required, but may not be possible at the time. These transitional supports have been formulated by leading veterinarians, nutritionists and world leading PhD’s to give your fur baby the bodily support it needs to maintain organ health, even when things are going tough!

Each Scruffy Paws Transitional Supplement has been formulated with active ingredients that have an iron clad scientific backing to help your fur babys immune system and revitalize organ health. Even if their diet is doing more harm than good.



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