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Scruffy Paws Scrub and Shine Dental Powder

Product image 1Scruffy Paws Scrub and Shine Dental Powder
Product image 2Scruffy Paws Scrub and Shine Dental Powder
Product image 3Scruffy Paws Scrub and Shine Dental Powder
Product image 4Scruffy Paws Scrub and Shine Dental Powder
Product image 5Scruffy Paws Scrub and Shine Dental Powder
Product image 6Scruffy Paws Scrub and Shine Dental Powder

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Did you know that 8 out of 10 cats over the age of three have tooth or gum problems?

A startling fact, particularly for something that's so easy to prevent! This little factiod surprised us so much, that we decided to do something about it.

At the moment, the only way to keep your kitties gnashers clean is to brush them yourself... However, if your kitty hasnt been getting her teeth brushed since she was a kitten, doing it now is going to be... tough. (Can anyone get a cat to do what it doesnt want to do?) 

If the thought of brushing your cat’s teeth doesn’t sound like fun, simply sprinkle the Scruffy Paws Dental Scrub onto their food for an effortless way to maintain dental hygiene in between dental cleanings/vet visits


PREVENT GUM PROBLEMS – 8 out of 10 cats over three have tooth or gum problems, but the Scruffy Paws Dental Scrub can improve dental health and hygiene to prevent problems from occurring.

EASY TO USE – Just sprinkle the tasty and aromatic powder onto your cat’s food, no brushing required.

FOR CATS AND DOGS - Thats right! You can add this formulation to your doggos dinner aswell and keep his teeth sparkling clean (and breath spring water fresh!)

TARGETED FORMULA – The scrub is quick to act and helps keeps your cat’s mouth healthy on a daily basis.

FOR REGULAR USE – Use between routine dental cleanings at the vet to maintain clean teeth and fresh breath, control the formation of plaque, and support gum health.

CONTAINS NATURAL ZEOLITES – These unique minerals help to prevent the formation of plaque and help stop it sticking to your kitties teeth

ZINC – Helps to reduce plaque formation in your cat’s mouth. It does this by penetrating the plaque on your cats teeth and oxidising it.

CRANBERRY – Contains a rich source of antioxidants and bioflavonoids that support the health of gum tissue.

TAURINE – Works in combination with zinc to support the health and strength of gum tissue.

LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS – Helps to support a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth.

YUCCA SCHIDIGERA EXTRACT – This herb helps to inhibit enzymes that break down the structural integrity of gum tissue.

VEGETABLE FATS – These make the scrub more palatable and help key ingredients adhere to the teeth.


Directions for Use: Up to 15 lbs: ¼ tsp per meal
16 ‒ 30 lbs: ½ tsp per meal

31 ‒ 60 lbs: ¾ tsp per meal
61 ‒ 90 lbs: 1 tsp per meal
91 lbs ‒ 120 lbs: 1 ½ tsp per meal
Over 120 lbs: 2 tsp per meal

Active Ingredients Per 2.5 g (approx. 1 Teaspoon):
Natural Zeolites 500 mg

Proprietary Probiotic Blend
(L. acidophilus, E. faecium,
B. subtilis, L. casei, L. fermentum,
L. plantarum) 355 mg
Cranberry Powder 25 mg
Yucca schidigera Extract 7 mg
Taurine 1.25 mg
Zinc (Zn Ascorbate) 0.8 mg

Inactive Ingredients:
anise oil, calcium carbonate, dried Aspergillus niger fermentation extract, dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract, fenugreek seed extract, silicon dioxide, vegetable fat, yeast fermentation solubles.

CAUTION:Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.

CAUTION:If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian.

CAUTION:Administer during or after the animal has eaten to reduce incidence of gastrointestinal upset.

Keep tightly sealed.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Do not use if inner seal is broken.

For use in dogs and cats only.

WARNING:For animal use only.

WARNING:Keep out of the reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.

How to give to your kitty

We've formulated the Scruffy Paws Scrub n Shine Dental Powder to be as tasty as possible. However, cats being well... cats, can be finicky at the best of times.

So if you are having troubles getting your kitty to eat her kibble with the powder in, we have a good recommendation:

- Reduce the amount of powder mixed into your cats meal at the start, and over time gradually increase it. This will help your kitty get used to the smell and texture!

Our goal is the same as yours... to support your cats body during the tough times. Because of this, if you are having troubles administering these to your kitty.. don't give up! Try the suggestions above, and if you come up with a better way... drop us an email at and let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Scruffy Paws Scrub and Shine Dental Powder is perfect for cats of ALL ages! So whether you have a young, zippy kitty or a senior prowler, this will give them the dental support they need.

Can Every Cat Have Them?
Pretty much yes! 

Are They Also for Dogs?

Yes indeed! We've formulated the dental scrub for both cats AND dogs, so you can sprinkle the powder in your doggies dinner aswell

I Have A Kitten/Puppy, is this okay for them?
Yes, they are for cats and dogs of all ages!

What If My Kitty Isn't a Fan?
Cats can be finicky at the best of times. That's probably why we love them so much! However if you kitty turns her nose up at the powder don't worry... we have a TON of feline tips, tricks and hacks to get your kitty chowing down on the dental supporting goodness - just drop us a message via facebook, or email us and we'll tell you what to do!

How Long Does Each Bottle Last?

This is really dependant on the weight of your kitty/doggo, but for a kitty under 15lbs, the bottle should last 2 plus months!

However, if that still isn't enough, don't worry. We offer a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - no questions asked! We really do try and cover all the bases and make this risk free for you

Delivery Information

All our goodies are shipped from our warehouses in Bethlehem PA, please allow 7-10 working days for shipping and handling!

Scientific Backing


Zinc is formulated in most dental products to control plaque, reduce malodour and inhibit calculus formation.

Zinc in the mouth, its interactions with dental enamel and possible effects on caries; a review of the literature.
- Lynch RJ1.


Natural Zeolites

Embedding zeolites into dental products increases its antimicrobial effects and inhibits growth of harmful bacteria  

Zeolite-embedded silver extends antimicrobial activity of dental acrylics

- Sladjana Malic, Sheela Rai, James Redfern, James Pritchett, Christopher M.Liauw, Joanna Verran, Lubomira Tosheva


Zeolites have strong anti microbial effects

Zeolite food supplementation reduces abundance of enterobacteria
- Tanka P. Prasai, Kerry B. Walsh, Surya P. Bhattarai, David J. Midmore, Thi T.H. Van, Robert J. Moore, Dragana Stanley


Diet containing Yucca schidigera have shown to reduce the amount of  halitosis (bad breath) related sulfur compounds in dogs - and this lasted for over 20 days

Functional foods in pet nutrition: Focus on dogs and cats
-Alessandro Di Cerbo, Julio Cesar Morales-Medina, Beniamino Palmieri, Federica Pezzuto, Raffaella Cocco, Gonzalo Flores, Tommaso Iannitti


Patients with various periodontal diseases, gingivitis, periodontitis, and pregnancy gingivitis, were locally treated with a culture supernatant of a L. acidophilus strain. Significant recovery was reported for almost every patient

E. faecium inhibits the formation of biofilm (a precursor to dental plaque) 

B. subtilis improves dental health, as seen by reduced gum bleeding in studies. Not only that, tests show that it reduces the number of oral pathogens (harmful bacteria) 

L. casei helps decrease gingival inflammation

L. fermentum - study shows that health oral cavities are populated with this probiotic

Cranberry Powder

In oral diseases like caries and periodontitis, cranberries have shown therapeutic potential owing to their anti-adhesive and other anti-microbial properties. & Study shows cranberry extract helps control periodontal disease as it reversed the coaggregation of 49 of 84 coaggregating bacterial pairs (58%)

Exploring the role of cranberry polyphenols in periodontits: A brief review
- Malancha Mukherjee, Prasanta Bandyopadhyay, and Debabrata Kundu

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