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Our Story

When we began on this journey, we were just a group of down-to-earth cat lovers fed up with the lack of healthy, nutritional supplements for our feline friends. Now we’re feline-feeding superheros, making the nine lives of your cat better by the day. (Or something like that...)

Not so long ago, we spent our days scouring pet store shelves. Pale and exhausted, we read labels, over and over, looking for products that had both the nutrients we needed to address our cat’s ailments and an explanation about WHY they work.

We were losing steam.

“Why don’t we create tasty nutritional supplements that will not only promote organ health, but also show the scientific explanation for every active ingredient on the label?” we ventured.


The journey begins!

And so, our intrepid team decided to venture forth into the wild world of feline supplements…

The green thumbs pointed us toward the most wholesome, natural ingredients available. World class veterinarians, feline experts and lightning-smart nutritionists guided us through the science behind the supplements.


Whizz Bang!

But as our new feline nutritional knowledge grew stronger … we knew the quest had only just begun…

Love, care and world-class kitty cat knowledge - check ✓

Expert formulations with scientifically-backed nutrients - check✓

Brand, marketing and advertising - “erm…”

Logistics, distribution and fulfillment - “okay, well... this is getting a little tough''

Full-scale food manufacturing process - [quiet whisper] “help”

We encountered fierce challenges in the supply-chain universe, faced off with industry supervillains and had to gain advertising superpowers. But our expert allies saved the day!


Ta- Da!!

With hard work, sage advice and some strategically-planned furball cuddle time.. Scruffy Paws Was Created!

At Scruffy Paws Nutrition, we nourish your cat with tasty, wholesome supplements that promote body health... and also empower you with the knowledge to make good nutritional decisions for your feline friend.



We know what you're going to say... Why the name?

It's simple really. With all the zoomies, cuddles and play...

We've found that the happiest, healthiest pets... have the Scruffiest Paws!


Our Values

  • Arrogant? No… We simply know what we’re doing: Each of our supplements is formulated by either leading veterinarians, holistic experts, feline nutrtionists or world leading PhD’s 
  • Jack of all trades? Erm… No: Each supplement has been specifically designed for a certain ailment. So instead of a ‘Jack of all trades’ vitamin supplement that may not do any real good... Ours laser target feline conditions to make a real difference. Using our wealth of knowledge and experience, we formulate a nutritional top up that will supercharge the organ health, and help the body heal itself
  • No Woo Woo Witchcraft: Using our teams wealth of experience alongside the latest scientific research, we carefully select each individual active ingredient. Ensuring your kitty is eating a nutritional top up that is proven to make a difference
  • There Is No ‘I’ In Team:  We don’t look to cram every ingredient under the sun… no. We find the BEST ingredients (based on our experience and the latest research) then we see how they work together! Like in sports, often the best individuals don’t actually make a great team… So we make sure to come up with the perfect formulation that will give your kitty the most positive results.


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