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Where are they made?

We don't deal in 'Good', we deal in 'Great'. That's why every Scruffy Paws' supplements are made in the USA. Here we can keep an eye on everything and make sure your furball only gets the best.

Besides the active ingredients what is in each formula?

Besides the active ingredients, each formula contains a set of excipients. Excipients are the inactive ingredients; some are used to allow the tablet or chew to keep its shape after production. Others like in pet supplements are used for flavor. Scruffy Paws ONLY uses natural flavors that are attractive for each species.

Why should I start giving my cats supplements and what age should I start?

Supplements are usually divided into different categories or segments such as, joint support, pro-biotics, kidney support, hairball, etc. Your pet’s breed and age are the two key factors we believe you should consider when to start a supplement regimen. In cats, older breeds are prone to joint related and kidney issues. Kittens will benefit from products with ingredients that promote their proper development and maintain a healthy immune system. Whilst for cats of all ages, organ support, such as kidney supplementation can be highly beneficial. We strongly recommend that your veterinarian is aware of any supplementation at any stage of your pet’s life.

Can I give my Transitional Supplements to cats who are on the renal diet?

To put it simply, yes! The Scruffy Paws Kidney Vitalize Transitional Supplements can be really effective in promoting kidney health when taken in conjunction with a kidney diet.

Do you offer samples?

At the moment… no.  But trust us when we say we’re working on it! We do realise that cats can be finicky at the best of times… So even if a Scruffy Paws nutritional top up will do them a WORLD of good… they still may not appreciate them. Because of this, on each product page we give you a range of methods to administer each supplement if your cat doesn't like the taste!

I give my cats food that contains some of the active ingredients listed in your supplements, do I still need Scruffy Paws?

Yes. None of the foods contain the researched combination of high quality ingredients in Scruffy Paws. Often the amount of said active ingredients is often minimal. Even if these diets contained high quality active ingredients, a cat would need to consume more than the daily requirement of food to obtain the amounts said ingredient found in a Scruffy Paws supplement. In addition, often the active ingredients listed in foods degrade when subjected to the heat or extreme pressure in the manufacturing process of commercial cat food.

Can I give supplements labelled for human use to my cat?

Many human supplements use substandard ingredients, and, studies have shown that many do not even meet their own label claim for the ingredients listed on the bottle. With Scruffy Paws, each drop, capsule or convenient tasty chew contains exactly what is stated on the label. Not only that these ingredients have been shown to be safe, effective and highly bio-available in pets.





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