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Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews

Product image 1Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews
Product image 2Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews
Product image 3Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews
Product image 4Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews
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Product image 6Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews
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Product image 26Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews
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Product image 28Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews
Product image 29Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews
Product image 30Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews
Product image 31Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews
Product image 32Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews
Product image 33Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews
Product image 34Scruffy Paws Kidney-Vitalize Chews

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The Kidney Vitalize Support Chews are the first in its class of 'Transitional Top-Up Supplements' that support kidney health whether your cat is affected by CKD or is CKD free.

SCIENTIFICALLY BACKED - The combination of extracts of Astragalus & Rehmannia root , both potent 'super herbs' have been extensively studied, and have scientific backed to be effective in alleviating symptoms of CKD or supporting kidney health (read scientific backing section below!)

FOR CATS OF ALL AGES - Active ingredients are perfect for younger cats, and help maintain kidney function to prevent the onset of CKD, and good for older cats who are showing the signs of kidney function decline, to revitalize their organs.

TRANSITIONAL SUPPORT - Perfect for finicky cats who are having trouble switching to kidney diets, designed to provide some kidney support even when diet does the opposite! Also can provide organ support for cats who are already on prescription diets.

REDUCES PROTEINURIA - The active ingredients in Kidney Vitalize Support Chews have been scientifically proven to help reduce proteinuria. Which in turn may help reduce weight loss, and organ damage.

FIGHTS INFLAMMATION - Fights the painful inflammation which stops your fur-baby's body healing itself
PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA - From 100% high quality ingredients in GMP compliant factory under FDA standards

Active Ingredients: 

Astragalus Root Extract.......................60 mg

Rehmannia Root Extract......................30 mg

Inactive Ingredients: 

Carob, Catnip, Chicken, Chicken Liver, Coconut Glycerin, Coconut Oil, Garbanzo Flour, Mixed Tocopherols, Palm Fruit Oil, Pea Flour, Rosemary Extract, Sorbic Acid, Sunflower Lecithin


Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animal’s condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. Do not use with dogs and cats with diarrhea.

Do not exceed the recommended amount of 1 chew for every 5 lb. of body weight.

  • Up to 5 lb.: 1 chew/day
  •  6 – 10 lb.:  2 chews/day
  • 11 – 15 lb.: 3 chews/day
  • 16 – 20 lb.: 4 chews/day

For Maintenance Administration: As above but every other day.

Scientific Backing

Astragalus & Rehmannia Combination Study

Study showed that a combination of Astragalus and Rehmannia Root Extract had a 91% 'effective' rate in treating Chronic Kidney Disease.  It was markedly effective for proteinuria, hematuria, improvement and recovery of renal functions, edema, anemia, anorexia etc in comparing with the control group. It showed no adverse effects on functions of liver, kidney, heart and GI tract.

Su ZZ, He YY, Chen G. [Clinical and experimental study on effects of man-shen-ling oral liquid in the treatment of 100 cases of chronic nephritis]. Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Za Zhi. 1993 May;13(5):269-72, 259-60. Chinese.



Study showing Rehmannia Root Extract improving renal function in animals experiencing renal failure

Kang, D. G., Sohn, E.J., Moon, M.K., Lee Y. M., Lee, H.S. Rhemannia glutinose ameliorates renal function in the ischemia/reperfusion-induced acute renal failure rats. Biol Pharm Bull 2005, 28:1662-1667.


Study showing rehmannia reduces the deterioration of kidneys in animals affected by diabetes

Yokozawa, T., Kim, H.Y., Yamabe, N. Amelioration of diabetic nephropathy by dried rhemannia Radix (Di Huang) extract. Am J. Chin Med 2004, 32:829-839.



Study showing how administration of Astragalus root extract caused a remission in kidney disease

Leehey DJ, Casini T, Massey D. Remission of membranous nephropathy after therapy with Astragalus membranaceus. Am J Kidney Dis. 2010 Apr;55(4):772.


Studies indicating the safety of Astragali Extracts in animals

Yu SY, Ouyang HT, Yang JY, Huang XL, Yang T, Duan JP, Cheng JP, Chen YX, Yang YJ, Qiong P. Subchronic toxicity studies of Radix Astragali extract in rats and dogs. J Ethnopharmacol. 2007 Mar 21;110(2):352-5. Epub 2006 Sep 27.


Study showing the protective effects Astragalus extract has on diabetes related kidney damage in animals

Yin, X., Zhang, Y., Wu, H., et al. Protective Effects of Astragalus Saponin I on early stages of diabetic nephropathy in rats. J. Pharmacol. Sci 2004, 95:256-266.


How To Administer

We've formulated the Kidney Vitalize Chews to be as palatable as possible.

However, cats being, well... cats, means they can be pretty finicky about what they eat. So if your fur monster doesn't accept the supplement as a chew,  there are several other ways to administer it:

  • Present the chew in a pill pocket or a gel cap, then administer to your cat
  • Cut up/Crumble the chew, and mix into your cats wet/dry food
  • Put the chew into any kind of soft treat, or inside a piece of tuna or chicken
  • Mix and dilute the chew in water, then mix the water into your cats wet or dry food

CKD is a heartbreaking illness. So our goal is the same as yours... to support your cats body during the tough times. Because of this, if you are having troubles administering these to your kitty.. don't give up! Try the suggestions above, and if you come up with a better way... drop us an email at and let us know!


Frequently asked questions

The Kidney Vitalize Chews are perfect for ALL cats ages 1 and above! So whether you have a young, zippy kitty or a senior prowler, their kidneys can get the support they need.

Can Every Cat Have Them?
Pretty much yes! The only time you should avoid giving the chews, is if your kitty has diarrhea or is a kitten under 1 year of age.

Which Cats Are Affected By Kidney Issues?
In short... a lot. The truth is, with the advent of the modern processed feline diet (which simply doesn't contain enough water) 30% of cats over the age of 10 will be affected by kidney issues. And in general, a cats kidney health declines with age. However, in terms of specific breeds - kidney disease is well known in Persian and Abysinnian breeds.

My Cat Doesn't Have CKD Is It Okay For Them To Have?
Yes! The Scruffy Paws Kidney Vitalize Chews are a fantastic kidney health support for BOTH cats with and without CKD. The Astragalus and Rehmannia root extract support healthy blood flow in the Glomeruli in the Kidneys .They've been scientifically backed to help support good kidney health. 

I Have A Kitten, Can She Eat A Chew?
The chews are fine for cats aged 1 and above. If your kitty is younger than that, it is not suitable.

How Long Does Each Jar Last?
There are 80 chews per jar. Depending on how many chews you give your cat per day (we say 1 chew for every 5 pounds of body weight), each jar can give up to 3 months worth of chews

What Flavor Are The Chews?
The chews currently come in a delicious Chicken flavor that's been kitty taste tested!

What If My Kitty Isn't a Fan?
Cats can be finicky at the best of times. That's probably why we love them so much! However if you kitty turns her nose up at the chews don't worry... we have a TON of feline tips, tricks and hacks to get your kitty chowing down on the kidney supporting goodness - just drop us a message via facebook, or email us and we'll tell you what to do!

However, if that still isn't enough, don't worry. We offer a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - no questions asked! We really do try and cover all the bases and make this risk free for you!

Why is there an approximate number of chews?

Every jar has same (and right) amount of ingredients we are filling jars by weight and not by number of chews (hence we put a net weight” statement) and put “approximately” before the chew numbers.

So with the chews, you are likely getting 1.1 grams per chew (there’s also about 10% variance because the product is extruded, just the nature of the process) giving you the overall weight of 85 grams with approx 80  chews - which could be more, or could be less than that.

However, the weight of the active ingredients is still the same - hence over a period of time, it should provide the same benefit to your cat that a smaller chew given more frequently would.

Delivery information 

All our goodies are shipped from our warehouses in Brooklyn NY, please allow 7-10 working days for shipping and handling!

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