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by Anuj at Scruffy Paws, Jun 13, 19
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Today we bring you the story of Tucker Lee - a Rootin' Tootin' ragdoll whose living his best life in Indiana. Not only that, we speak to his awesome momma Angela. 

Apart from being a real cutie pie, Tucker Lee is also somewhat of an internet celeb - with over 17k followers on Instagram (check it out here:

And, his momma Angela is truly a Cat Parent That Cares and we're super happy to have her on our blog!

Anyway, lets get to the good stuff:


Hi there, thank you so much for taking part in our ‘Cat Parents Who Care’ series - how's it going today?

Going great! I am currently at work, putting in the hours so my cats can have a better life…..


So... tell us more about you! (we'll get to Tucker Lee later)

I am a 911 dispatcher in Indiana. I have one daughter, 26, who just got married in September. I am the proud cat parent to 4 furkids, 3 kitties in the house- Flynn Ryder, Tucker Lee, and 18 yr old Taj, and one feral cat rescue, Maxx, who lives outside… choice! We live out in the country and have a screened in catio for the utmost in bird and bug-viewing enjoyment!


Now we've seen Tucker Lee living his best life over on Instagram, and we have to say he is seriously adorable, so tell us a little more about how Tucker Lee became a part of your family?

We have always wanted a ragdoll breed to add to our motley crew. After several attempts at adopting a raggie through Ragdoll Rescue and getting nowhere, we searched for a ragdoll breeder and found one only 15 minutes away. We got Tucker Lee at 9 weeks old in 2013, and the rest is history!


Tell us more about his personality, what does he like and dislike?

Tucker Lee, true to his breed, is very laid back. When he gets annoyed, he will “huff” air out of his nostrils as if he was saying “Hmmph!”

He LOVES hair ties, difficult treat puzzles, bird watching, and playing with his ragdoll brother Flynn, who is 1 year younger than him.

He is very sensitive and I feel he would be very hurt if anyone ever yelled at him. (which is why we never do).

He loves water and will play in it endlessly. He dislikes black flapping things, like a large trash bag. We have never figured out why this scares him so.

He also isn’t a fan of being combed, but he does a fine job grooming his very long, silky fur.


cat care


Do you have any funny stories about Tucker Lee?

Well…….One time about 2 years ago, he managed to slip out the door. I noticed about an hour later. I ran outside barefoot and called and called. I started crying hysterically and went back inside to get shoes on. I ran out again and yelled “Tucker! Come back to mom!” and from around the corner of my shed, he came trotting with my rescue cat Maxx like “Hey momma, we were just exploring!” He about gave his meowmy a heart attack.


What are your favourite things about Tucker Lee?

You always see people on Facebook complaining that their cat or dog isnt a lap pet or isnt affectionate.

Tucker is affectionate on his own terms, He doesn’t leap into your lap but he will follow me everywhere I go in the house, and at night, he is snuggled up to me as close as he can get.

He senses when I don’t feel good and never leaves my side. Even though he isn’t SUPER affectionate, I feel that the attention I get from him is all the more special because he gives it without me forcing him into it.


Does Tucker Lee have any annoying habits?

I know this sounds crazy, but he really does not. He is a very good cat, never scratching anything or digging in plants or bothering treats that are left on the counter.

If I had to try to find anything annoying, it would be that occasionally he drags his little brother Flynn around by the scruff of the neck, like a dominate older brother thing. Flynn doesn’t cry out but I still remove Flynn from Tucker and redirect him when he tries it.


Tell us some fun facts about Tucker Lee that your followers don’t already know.

Well……He might be embarrassed if I admit this…… But ever since he was a baby, he has tried to nurse my neck and the collar of my shirt. He is going on six years old, and STILL does this. The weirdness? He will only do it if I am lying in bed on my left side.

Also, he has a thing about chewing masking tape and stealing Scotch Tape…….However he never tries to swallow it, and I always take it away from him. I get a “Hmmph!” out of him for that, of course…….


How has your life changed since you became a cat parent to Tucker Lee?

I have never been closer to a cat in my entire life as I am to this boy. I have a little girl come and “cat-sit” for me if I am going to be gone all day or even an extended shift.

He is my best boy and he gives me so much joy. I look forward to coming home to my furkids so much, that I rarely go and do anything extra after work or before work. I guess he’s turned me into more of a homebody!


If you were granted the ability to talk to cats for a day - what would you ask Tucker Lee?

I would ask him what I could do to make his life the very best I can…

What does he like best: chicken, fish, turkey, rabbit, or duck---what is his favorite game to play, and what is his favorite treat?

Also, does anything give him pain or is uncomfortable to him. I would love to know those things.


Okay, So how did you hear about Scruffy Paws Nutrition?

We saw some very eye-catching ads on Facebook and Instagram! We then read the great reviews and decided to contact you about collaborating.

We thought your Hip and Joint Rejuvenate could help not only Tucker , but our little 18 year old lady, Taj!


You have the Hip & Joint Rejuvenate Drop, how is Tucker Lee getting on with them?

So far they LOVE the taste. They flock around when I get down on the floor with the bottle and act as though it is a treat.  I am currently giving it to all three of them because ,truly, what can it hurt!


Have they helped with any existing hip & joint issues?

I think Taj is benefiting the most, as she has sore joints from age, she seems to be jumping on and off the bed without using the step a lot more.

Tucker is only 6, but even so, with the oils in is, his coat looks marvelous, and also, he is a very large cat , as the ragdoll breed c,an be, and at 20 pounds, I feel it will keep his legs and muscles in better form than without the formula.


And one last question...

What is the funniest memory you have with Tucker Lee?

I think the funniest times are when we play “Hide and Seek”. Tucker is a silent cat. He does purr, but he does not meow, not for ANY reason…….except one.   My house is long lengthwise, and I start at one end , and say “Oh NOOOOOOO, Tucker’s gonna get me!” and run full speed to the other end of the house and hide in a closet or around a corner. Within 20 seconds or so, here comes Tucker, searching for me. When he finds me, he “yells” at me for disappearing! It’s a little tiny kitten” mew” coming from a great big mancat! It never fails to make me giggle.


Now wasnt that great!

If you want to follow the adventures of Tucker Lee, make sure to follow him on Instagram ( We can assure you, its worth it!


Until next time :) stay pawsome

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