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Veterinarian's Guide to Home Remedies for Cat UTI

Urinary tract problems are common in cats. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are just one of the conditions which can...

Cat UTI: Symptoms and Causes

Cat UTI: Symptoms and Causes  Is your  cat straining to pee or has blood in their urine?  These are common signs of ...

Cat UTI Treatment and Prevention Methods

UTI stands for urinary tract infection. But strictly speaking a UTI refers to an infection, caused by bacteria. Ho...

Cat UTI: Everything you Need to Know

Wait — what’s that smell? AGAIN?! It’s the third time (today) you’re mopping up a stinky puddle,  wondering why kitt...

Managing Urinary Tract Problems In Cats

  This article is Part Two in a two part series about urinary problems in cats. If you haven’t read Part One, you mi...

Understanding Urinary Tract Problems In Cats

This article is Part One of a two part series exploring urinary tract problems in cats. If you’ve had a cat in your ...
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