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How to Work from Home with your Cat for Company

by Anuj at Scruffy Paws, Apr 01, 20
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And for cat-lovers, that means that we are also having to get used to having our cats as co-workers. As homes are turned into offices, our feline companions are going to become a feature of the working day, and like with any colleague, there could end up being work-place tensions.

But don’t worry, we’ve put together some handy hints to make sure that human/cat relations remain cordial while you work from home.

Let’s face it, having a cat is not always conducive to getting stuff done. Cats are often a welcome distraction, but if you’re working on a tight deadline and really need to send that crucial report or email to your boss, having your cat hanging about might not be something you appreciate.

At best, having a purring kitty rubbing against your leg might be off-putting. At worst, having your energetic pet trampling over your laptop might result in that crucial email being sent before it’s quite ready, and possibly full of typos too, if your cat is particularly clumsy about where it puts its paws.

Think I’m not being serious? This is no joke. My cat once chewed through my mouse cable while I was working at my computer. Perhaps she thought it was a real mouse?

So it’s important to make sure that if needed, you can banish kitty and create a cat-free zone. Close the door, put your cat outside for some fresh air (the lock-down doesn’t extend to cats…), and get some work done undisturbed. 

"No more working until I get my scritches plz"

Has it occurred to you that your cat might not be particularly pleased to find you suddenly at home all day? Of course, we’d all like to think that our pets can’t cope without us and will be absolutely delighted that their human moms and dads are suddenly ever present, but cats are creatures of habit. Your cat may be accustomed to peace and quiet during the day, so having you/your partner/assorted children invading what they regard as their quiet time might stress them out.

Give your cat a break. If they have a place where they usually sleep, don’t turn it into your office. Tell you kids that they can’t spend all day chasing kitty around the house. 

Remember, your cat isn’t on lockdown with you – you’re on lockdown with them.

Ok, so this won’t work for everyone, but some of us have jobs where a little cat-action can actually contribute to our productivity, as well as making working from home more fun. Make your cat your co-worker and incorporate them into your workload. 

Are you a teacher or educator making resources for your students to work from? Why not take a picture of kitty and make them a feature of your lesson or worksheets. Maybe you have an important Skype meeting lined up with your boss? Why not appear cat-on-lap, stroking her whilst doing your best Bond-villain impersonation? (Note – do not do this if your boss has no sense of humor).

Chances are when all the craziness settles down you won’t be asking your cat to join you back in the office, so make the most of the chance to have a cat colleague while it lasts. 

Joking aside, this may be a stressful time for a many of us. Even without worrying about the Coronavirus itself, working from home is going to be tough for a lot of reasons...

Whether it’s that we miss the camaraderie and support of our colleagues... 

Or we can’t get the IT to work properly because everyone is trying to connect remotely at the same time...

Or even that we’re juggling looking after the kids whilst dealing with our normal workload...

This situation is likely to be be ramping up those stress levels.

Luckily, as all cat owners already know, cats are a good antidote to anxiety and stress. Just stroking our cats can be cathartic, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably find the sound of a cat purring deeply relaxing. 

So if it’s all getting a bit much for you, take a deep breath, let kitty settle down on your lap, and take a few moments to unwind with her. 

So remember, stay safe, please try not to worry too much about what’s happening, and follow our hints to make sure that cat/human relations stay harmonious while you’re working from home. 

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