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Three Ways My Cats Are Spooky

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Most of the time, my cats are gentle, fun-loving creatures. They go through life eating, sniffing stuff and finding ideal spots for a snap.

Every now and then though, they spook me. Here’s three of their worst spooky habits.The Shoulder Look - Scruffy Paws Nutrition


It’s often late at night. A cat will be sitting on my lap, gazing up at me happily. Suddenly, its pupils will darken and its gaze will fixate on something behind me and just over my left shoulder.

I hate it! It makes the hairs on the back of my neck prickle.

Of course, there’s never anything there … I think.The Glowing Eye Ambush - Scruffy Paws Nutrition


Another way they give me a dose of the heebie-jeebies is by performing what I call the “glow eye ambush.”

Here’s how it works.

Again, it’s always late at night. I’ll be tired and getting ready for bed. I’ll open a cupboard to grab something and there, six inches from my face are two fiercely glowing eyes.

It only takes me a fraction of a second to realize they’ve got me yet again, but in that split moment I’m sure something large and demonic has been lying in wait in the cupboard … and that it hungers for the taste of human soul.Laugh of a Banshee - Scruffy Paws Nutrition


Then there’s the absolute worst. I call it … The Laugh Of The Banshee (because … well… it sounds so dramatic).

This invariably happens in the dead of night, at 2 or 3 in the morning. I’ll wake to the sound of … I can’t even describe it. It’s like a high pitched human laugh. It’s horrible!

When it first happened I thought my time in this mortal realm had come. I’ve come to realize it’s a weird wail one of my cats will do when she’s especially lonely and can’t find her cat buddies.

Which is all well and good but it’s hard to remember that waking up with a start to the sound of demonic laughter at 2 in the morning!

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