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The Three Essential Ingredients for a Healthy Cat: The Adult Years

by Dr Sara Ochoa DVM, Mar 10, 20
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A black cat peeking behind the curtain

You just hit part Two of our three-part series focused on the art of continuing capable cattish constitutions and fruitfully fostering feline felicity. That’s right! We’re talking about health and happiness. 

In Part One, we looked at the kitten years. If you haven’t read it, maybe check it out first. 

In Part Two, we’ll shift gears to look at healthy, fully grown cats in the prime of life. We’ll focus in particular on three savvy things you can do to bring your buddy bountiful bliss. 

When your cat is healthy and low-maintenance, it’s easy to forget the importance of regular check-ups. But this is precisely the time where good habits will yield great long-term dividends. 

Hopefully this goes without saying, but your vet should not just be the person you see when your cat is seriously unwell! Regular check-ups can identify problems before they become life-changing and will contribute greatly to your cat’s enjoyment of life. 

If you have an outdoor cat, ask for advice on flea, tick and general parasite treatments. These problems are hard to detect, and prevention is way better than treatment! 

The other goal to work toward is to reduce your cat’s fear of going to the vet.

This takes time, and your mileage will vary depending on how anxiety-prone your cat happens to be. But as a general rule, teaching your cat that the vet isn’t the devil incarnate can yield big dividends later in life when those vet-visits become more frequent. 

Introduce Good Preventive Health Supplements

When it comes to health, your cat’s vibrant adult years are a little similar to those of a human. Even though your pet will (if you and they are lucky!) have relatively few health issues, good preventive health is still a big deal. 

The foundation you set now will have a big impact once they hit the eight to ten-year range. One great option is to build a daily immune-boosting supplement, such as these L-Lysine immune boosting bites, into your cat’s diet.

Why Lysine, you might ask?

Studies have found that L-Lysine amino acid is great for supporting general immune health, with particular benefits for preventing the feline Herpes virus

(Take a look at the Scruffy Paws L-Lysine Bites here)

The Power of Play!

Play is so important. Seriously, it underpins so much of a cat’s general well-being. Cats aren’t, by nature, sedentary animals. They are instinctive hunters, and they live for the heady joys of hiding, chasing, stalking and using those amazing and agile bodies.

Playing with your cat regularly should be a priority, just as taking a dog for a walk should. 

And the way to make it wonderful for them is to experiment! 

You may find that finding the right cat toy is as much art as it is science. The toy you think may be perfect for them may be of no interest whatsoever. But a cough lolly wrapper or a stray feather from your down comforter may send them into raptures. 

The key here is to allow your cat to show you what they find fun. Needless to say, often the best toys are the things you least expect! 

Play with your cat often, and try to let go of life’s little distractions while you do. Engage with them fully, blend your intelligence and imagination with theirs, and you may just find you’re having as much fun as they are. 

Health and Happiness Are Often The Same

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from cats over the years, it’s that their happiness is intimately bound up with their health. A bored or anxious cat rapidly becomes listless, and soon a slew of health problems may emerge. 

The challenge of keeping an adult cat happy is the challenge of knowing that your companion is complex, and has emotional and mental needs as well as physical ones. Focus on fulfilling every facet of your cat’s life, and you will have found the key to their happiness. 

You may even find ways to bring more happiness into your life along the way!

Ready to learn about the health and happiness of senior cats? Let’s head over to Part Three.

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