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Vet Review: Does My Cat Need To Take Vitamin Supplements?

by Dr Linda Simon MVB MRCVS, Mar 17, 21
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Did you know that an estimated 7 in 10 people in the United States take some form of vitamin supplement each day. Millions of people understand the many benefits that dietary supplements can safely and effectively offer. However, this hasn’t translated into the animal world just yet. The number of cats taking multivitamins is staggeringly low. This can be due to a lack of owner awareness, but also due to the existence of vitamins that, well… don’t taste so great! When you buy a supplement only for your cat to spit it back at you, it can be disheartening. Our Scruffy Paws Multi Health Bite is highly palatable and packed with over 20 nutrients, making it the perfect addition to your kitty’s meal.
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Does my Cat need a Dietary Supplement?


We are very lucky, in that, to meet standards that have been set in the pet food industry, ‘complete’ diets need to be nutritionally balanced. This means that when our cats eat what they’re supposed to, they should theoretically be getting what they need to survive. However, is it what they need to thrive? Providing them with a host of vital micronutrients is a sure fire way of bolstering their overall health and helping to prevent disease.


-The Pernickety Eater

It is important to realise that not all cats follow the rule book when it comes to eating. Some may skip their dinner one day, or graze on just treats and chicken another. Fussy eaters can make us worry, but providing them with Scruffy Paws Daily Multi Health Bites means we can rest assured that any nutritional gaps have been plugged.

-The Generally ‘Unwell’ Kitty

Dietary supplements can benefit those who are acutely unwell (for example, cats that can’t hold down their meal due to a vomiting bug) as well as older cats and those with a chronic health issue. A variety of health conditions can result in a malabsorption of nutrients from food and can mean that vital nutrients are lost through vomiting or diarrhoea.
generally unwell kitty

-The use of Multi Vitamins in Specific Disease


Certain disease such as intestinal lymphoma and inflammatory bowel disease can mean that nutrients are not absorbed into the gut as they should be. Affected cats often need to be fed higher amounts of specific nutrients. Speak to your vet if your cat has a long-term health issue, to determine what supplement they would benefit most from.
When it comes to Supplements and Multi Vitamins, are there any Pitfalls?
Beware of products which contain excessive levels of calcium, phosphorous or fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin D. This could result in a toxicity and may be detrimental to the liver and/or kidneys.
Avoid any products that contain potentially toxic ingredients such as raisins, grapes, garlic, onion or caffeine. These are simply not safe and should not be used in any amounts.
Remember, your cat is an individual. They may be sensitive or allergic to any ingredient so always check the full ingredient list to ensure your cat won’t suffer an adverse reaction. Similarly, monitor them closely after starting them on any new addition to their diet.

Take Home Message


Try not to over complicate things. Ensuring your cat is getting all of the necessary vitamins and minerals can be easily achieved by providing them with a daily chew like Scruffy Paws Daily Multi Health Bites. These chews are highly palatable so keep them safely away from your cat in case they decide to overindulge and eat more than one a day!


Dr Linda Simon MVB MRCVS
Scruffy Paws In House Vet

Dr. Linda Simon MVB MRCVS is a locum veterinary surgeon who has worked in London for the past 8 years. She graduated top of her class in small animal medicine from UCD, Dublin. She is currently a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

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  • Could you send a couple bites to sample. If my cat eats it, I will be a supporter. I think cats have a need for supplements just like humans, but if he won’t eat it, he won’t let me put it down his throat, and if I slide it into something food related, he won’t eat it and it’s all for not. Thank you.

    Barb wilt

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