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All Hail King Henry and Scruffy Paws Hip 'n' Joint Vitalize drops!

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All Hail King Henry, and Scruffy Paws!

Henry is king of his kitty castle, and he knows it.

“I have often commented that some days a staff of two humans is insufficient to ensure his every comfort, need or desire is met in a timely manner.

It's never a bother because he is so incredibly wonderful, and gives us much love and joy. We often wonder what else we (me and my husband) can do to coddle and spoil him even more!” Debra, his pet parent said. 

Yes, It’s good to be the king.

Henry first came into Debra’s life online, through The Second Chance Pet Adoption in Cary, North Carolina. At the time, Debra worked as a director in a niche group in Army Special Operations, and a picture of four-month-old Henry gave her comfort and joy — things her line of work didn’t afford.

Henry, when he was a kitten.
Photo by: Debra

“There was something about him that compelled me to want him as our kitty. Throughout the workday, I would pull up his picture and it would warm my heart. I would get very excited about meeting him. 



The type of work I did, my career and work environment, was not conducive to looking at kitty pictures. We were at war and there was no time to breathe or go to the bathroom, much less take the time to view and think about a little orphaned kitten...So I suppose that we were already connected without having met in person,” she explained.

Interviews, questionnaires and lots of paperwork later, Henry and his brother Braxton were on their way to their new home. “His "brother" was from a different litter, but they were inseparable according to their wonderful foster mom.  

We did not wish to break up this duo, so we took them both. We were so thrilled to have these two little boys. 

They were incredibly adorable and they loved each other so much,” Debra said. Sadly, Braxton died from an aggressive oral cancer and Henry was heartbroken. Debra was diligent in making sure Henry had the support he needed to adjust to a life without Braxton, and that diligence would kick in again, when she noticed that Henry began having joint problems. 

“Henry was being a bit more careful when lying down and getting up. He was playing less, and for shorter durations, and with diminished energy and enthusiasm. I knew immediately that his joints were bothering him. Sometimes his front legs would quiver a bit, (and) he started to get into a lying position differently than usual, sort of easing into it slowly,” she said.

Her vet recommended medication to help with Henry’s joints, but the hassle of mixing it in with Henry’s food (it didn’t help that he didn’t like the taste, or wouldn’t always finish his food in one sitting) and not seeing results had Debra start looking for better options. 

“I stumbled upon Scruffy Paws and the Hip & Joint Vitalize product while searching the Internet. I'm relentless, and felt that there had to be something available that made sense and that was safe and effective. I love it when I'm right!” she said.

She is definitely right that Scruffy Paws products use natural ingredients based on science-backed research, are made locally in the US, and takes the pet/parent relationship very seriously. 

Henry and Braxton together
Henry with his brother Braxton.
Photo by: Debra

“At the time we started with Scruffy Paws, it was advertised that other supplements would be available. I liked the fact that the company asked pet parents what issues they would like addressed. I was amazed at how much this company values its relationship with its customers and how it responds to our expressed needs.

I recall responding to the company's query about what products would be vital to ensure a high quality of life for our kitties (at that time). 

Not too long after, Scruffy Paws offered other supplements to help our babies,” Debra said. 

The other supplement happened to be the Kidney Vitalize chews, a product with a kitty-taste tested formula that helps prevent, or slow down the effects of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in cats. 

King Henry is loved, and in turn brings so much love to the people that gave him a happy - and healthy - home. 

“If I take natural proprietary supplements prescribed and managed by a Naturopath doctor, then why would I not try this for my baby? He gives me such incredible comfort especially during my down days. We love him so dearly, and we cannot ever get enough of him!”

So how did Henry fare with the Hip n' Joint Vitalize?

"Since taking the drops for his joints, he acts like he's a youngster. He is an interesting fellow. He always pranced about the house. Once his joints started bothering him, he stopped. He would saunter or walk slowly from point A to point B. We started calling him "Oompa Loompa" and "Our little old man."

He takes two doses per day spaced out, as he is a bit heavier than he should be. After a few months, we noticed that he had more energy. Then he started prancing up the halls and into rooms, again. Needless to say, we were thrilled!

Our little young man was back. It's funny to watch him as he prances quickly across the tile floor, but usually overshoots his mark. He gets so excited. He is a dramatic and overly emotionalal kitty, the likes I have never seen before! Given half a chance, he would resume chasing lizards across the stones in our backyard, again. We can't allow that and risk injury, especially at his age.

Henry has never been a leaper, and never chased balls like his brother, Braxton. So, I think it took us longer to notice his diminishing mobility. I will always feel badly about that. I was praying that it wasn't too late for the Scruffy Paws joint supplement to be effective. The joint drops worked great, and he loves the taste. In fact at 10:00 a.m. and 7 p.m. he reminds us that it's time for his Scruffy Paws dose. It's really amazing.

After being on the drops about 6 months, he started playing with the string, again, and with vigor...tiring out his mama. We play on the bed and not the hard tile floor, again not to risk injury. He dive bombs and chases it very quickly. The first time he played string, again, mama may have shed a tear or two! It warms my heart to see him have so much fun, again. We would go to the moon and back to ensure that he has the highest quality of life possible. Thankfully, Scruffy Paws is not that far away!!!"

Its stories like these that get us out of bed in the morning!

If you want to support your kitties joint health, check out the Hip n Joint Vitalize Drops here 

The header image is by Steve Czajka via Flickr.

Stephanie Pollard
Writer. Pet Enthusiast. Ambivert.

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