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Comparison: Cosequin Vs Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint Vitalize

by Anuj at Scruffy Paws, May 06, 19
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Did you know over 90% of cats over the age of 5 show signs of feline arthritis…

Yeh, let that sink in for a moment.

In fact, that’s why as your kitty gets older, you’ll notice her moving about a lot less. She’s in pain!

But look, there’s still hope. Modern medicine means we have quite a few joint support options available to help your kitty stay sprightly and move better!

In this article we’re going to compare one of the biggest joint support supplements around – Cosequin for cats, alongside our Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint Vitalize Drops!


Cosequin Vs Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint Vitalize


We think we have a great product, we’ve put all of our knowledge and love to create Scruffy Paws Hip & Joint Vitalize Drops, however, in honor of the truth, Cosequin is pretty neat too. So we’re going to give you a full, unbiased review, then let you make the decision of which one is best for your kitty!

We’re going to compare the following:

  • Active ingredients

  • Deliverability

  • Availability

  • Where are they made?


Active Ingredients

Active Ingredients


This is probably the most important aspect of any supplement you give your kitty. What’s inside it, and why does it work? In this section we’re going to compare both the active ingredients in Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint Vitalize and Cosequin. you can decide which one is best for your kitty!



Glucosamine HydrochlorideA fantastic addition to any joint support supplement. Glucosamine is a major component of joint cartilage. In fact, studies have shown that glucosamine showed great overall clinical improvement and relieved pain on those cats suffering from Osteoarthritis. (1)

Chondroitin SulphateChondroitin works alongside glucosamine to really bolster your kitty’s joints. Like Glucosamine, Chondroitin plays a vital part in cartilage formation, with some evidence showing it has clinical benefits in reducing joint pain. (2)

ManganeseThis trace mineral is a powerful anti-inflammatory, with evidence supporting that it helps reduce arthritis pain when combined with Glucosamine and Chondrotion


Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint Vitalize 

Glucosamine HydrochlorideLike Cosequin, the Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint Vitalize also contains this helpful joint supporting supplement ( Glucosamine is actually viewed as the building block of joint cartilage). This, coupled with the scientific backing that it relieves joint pain and helps joint health makes it a no-brainer to have in the formulation. (1)

Chondroitin SulphateAgain, like Cosequin we chose to include Chondroitin to work alongside Glucosamine as a joint supporting duo. Both work in tandem keep your arthritic cats joints healthy. Studies indicate that glucosamine and chondroitin together showed great overall clinical improvement and relieved pain on those suffering from Osteoarthritis (2)

Manganese - …and again, like Cosequin Manganese is chosen for its anti-inflammatory properties. Helping reduce pain in your kitty’s joints

Opi-MSM (Methyl-sulfonylmethane 99.9%)This is a naturally occurring source of organic sulfur that is found in the tissues and fluids of all living organisms. MSM is easily absorbed and used by the body and is one of the major building blocks of glycosaminoglycans. Glycosaminoglycans are key structural components in cartilage that play an important role in the maintenance of joint cartilage. Studies have shown that MSM can really help the physical function and ease the pain of those suffering from Osteoarthritis, helping reduce inflammation, joint and muscle pain, oxidative stress and increasing the antioxidant capacity (3)

Hyaluronic AcidIn a healthy joint, a thick substance called synovial fluid provides lubrication, allowing bones to glide against one another. Synovial fluid acts as a shock absorber, too. With osteoarthritis, a critical substance in synovial fluid known as hyaluronic acid breaks down. Loss of hyaluronic acid appears to contribute to joint pain and stiffness. That’s why we think it’s super important to add this to our Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint Vitalize Drops. And research backs our decision, with tests show hyaluronic acid is beneficial to those suffering Osteoarthirtis as it reduces pain and increases joint function  (4) 

TaurineThis essential amino acid is something your kitty can’t produce herself in her body. Not only that, taurine decificeny can cause numerous health issues in your furball. We’ve added a small amount to the Scruffy Paws Hip n joint Vitalize



Cats can be finicky at the best of times, that’s why the deliverability of a supplement is so important! We need to make sure our cats actually ingest the darn thing, so they get the health benefits they need!

Cosequin –comes in powdered capsules, these can be twisted open and sprinkled over your kitty’s food. Or directly administered in a pill format

Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint VitalizeComes in beef flavoured drops.These can be administered directly to your kitty, or like Cosequin, mixed into the food.




Both are available online, on the respective brand websites. Cosequin is also available in stores.



Both Scruffy Paws Nutrition Hip n Joint Vitalize, and Cosequin are manufactured in the USA.



Cosequin - $12-$16

Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint Vitalize - $34.97

In this department Cosequin has the upper hand. If you’re looking to save a buck or two, it’s for you. However, with the greater number of effective active ingredients the Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint Vitalize is a little more expensive.



Okay, that was that! In this article we’ve covered the ins and outs of both supplements, their ingredients, deliverability, and their price. We hope found it useful, and it helped you decide between which joint supplement you want to give your kitty!

So, if you want to support your kitties joint health with something that is chock full of scientifically backed active ingredients... then try out the Scruffy Paws Hip n Joint Vitalize!



(1) Effectiveness and safety of Glucosamine, chondroitin, the two in combination, or celecoxib in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee Chao Zeng,1,* Jie Wei,2,3,* Hui Li,1 Yi-lun Wang,1 Dong-xing Xie,1 Tuo Yang,1 Shu-guang Gao,1 Yu-sheng Li,1Wei Luo,1 and Guang-hua Leia,1

(2) Effectiveness and safety of Glucosamine, chondroitin, the two in combination, or celecoxib in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee Chao Zeng,1,* Jie Wei,2,3,* Hui Li,1 Yi-lun Wang,1 Dong-xing Xie,1 Tuo Yang,1 Shu-guang Gao,1 Yu-sheng Li,1Wei Luo,1 and Guang-hua Leia,1

(3)  Efficacy of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) in osteoarthritis pain of the knee: a pilot clinical trial. Kim LS1, Axelrod LJ, Howard P, Buratovich N, Waters RF.

(4)  Efficacy and safety of hyaluronic acid in the management of osteoarthritis: Evidence from real-life setting trials and surveys. Emmanuel Maheu MDa  FrançoisRannou MD, PhDJean-YvesReginster MD, PhDc

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  • Four of my senior kitties (Dior, Chanel, Devon, and Baby Bob)take the Scruffy Paws hip and joint vitalize, they are jumping and running again. Dior used to just flop over to lie down, now he stretches like a younger kitty to lie down.This stuff is amazing! My oldest (Baby Bob)is around 18, he was a TNR I brought in last year, after feeding him for a while outside. He was so fragile, could barely walk. He was taking the Dasuquin advanced from my vet, did not really seem to help. Started him on the hip and joint vitalize, this little guy is now walking like a normal cat. WELL WORTH the money!

    Rebecca McNabb
  • Thank you for the comparison. Saves time. I want to know tho if the hyluronic is best ingested. I received shots in my knees of it. Thank you for your time.

  • Yes, thank you, Anuj. Wish your product was a little less expensive. My boy Calvin is on your Kidney Chews already plus Cosequin other supplements and it gets quite pricey. I’m sure your product is great though! Hope to try it out sometime …

    Sherry Barnett

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