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Introducing the Whirlwind Ragamuffin Brothers, Reno and Vegas

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An odd thing happens when you choose to live with two or more cats. Instantly, the game of peaceful co-existence between feline and human transforms. This new game of cat and mouse (AKA human!) is less about them figuring out how to fit in with us, and more about how we can live a peaceful and productive life within their cattish kingdom. 

It’s a battle of wits. It’s all kinds of fun, of course. But a human living in a cat-ruled household always needs to keep their eyes open!

Just ask Krenn. 

For close to a decade, Krenn has lived alongside a pair of Ragamuffin brothers named Reno and Vegas. 

Instantly there was a close connection between Krenn and her sumptuously fluffy companions. You could say their friendship was written in the stars.

“Their birth date is Fifth December, so they are Sagittarius, like me!”

Even though they’re completely inseparable as brothers, Reno and Davis have very different personalities. 

Reno is bursting with energy. The slightest hint of a play opportunity will send him tumbling into the fray, a rambunctious cat-tornado of whisker-quivering excitement and energy. 


Rustle a crinkly piece of cellophane within a three-room radius and Cyclone Reno will fly into the room before you can blink, a bouncing blur of mink-colored fur.

Meanwhile, Vegas sits back and watches the action with a sly grin on his face. He’s waiting to seize a different kind of opportunity because Vegas … is all about the snuggles. A charmer from his whiskers to his seal point colored toe-beans, this boy’s idea of heaven is to pass out on Krenn’s lap to catch some serious nap-time before dinner. 

“Reno is rambunctious and sweet. Vegas is a momma's boy! He is definitely a ladies' man!”

Krenn has a lot of work on her hands to keep her cattish tribe happy. Now ten years old, Reno and Vegas have hit a few health challenges along the way.

Reno had a nasty case of pancreatitis early in life, and — as so many Ragamuffins do — he struggles with fur balls, at one time needing surgery. Vegas is unusually prone to urinary tract and skin infections. 

As a doting cat-mom, Krenn sees it as her job to keep an eye on their condition, making sure they stay healthy and happy. She decided that her cats were at a stage in life where it made a lot of sense to upgrade their diet.

Krenn found our range of supplements, saw our great reviews, and decided that Reno and Vegas were worth it.

She decided to introduce a combination of our scientifically-formulated supplements into her Ragamuffins’ diets. Krenn grabbed some Daily Multi-Health Bites for their general nutritional health, as well as our Kidney-Vitalize and UT Wellness Chews to address Reno and Vegas’ unique health challenges. 

Like many cat owners, Krenn was a little concerned at first about these dietary additions! 

After all, she knew her fur kids were fussy by nature. How would they fare with these unfamiliar morsels? She discovered the crumbling method worked best for Reno and Vegas, and before long they’d eagerly anticipate that extra bit of chew in their food bowls.

“I break them up and add them to their wet food or their dry snacks; they always eat them right up!”

Today, Krenn is happy to report that she has two happy and healthy bundles of cat-energy on her hands. 

“They have had two excellent physical exams, improved kidney blood values, and excellent urine test results! I credit Scruffy Paws for helping us achieve that great result!”

We’re so glad we could be part of your lives, Krenn! We hope your two beautiful furry overlords continue to enjoy the best of health, and thanks for sharing their story with us.

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Mark Lambert

Mark is an avid animal lover, with a long history of caring for critters of a cattish persuasion, particular those facing a few extra life challenges. Right now, he's busy taking care of three over-energetic bengals (Sock monkey, Twister and Slinky) along with a scrappy orange ex-stray named Nerf.

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