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Was It My Fault? The 2 Main Causes Of CKD…

by Anuj at Scruffy Paws, Aug 05, 19
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Main Causes Of CKD



“How On Earth Did This Happen?”


This is the first question EVERYBODY asks when faced with a CKD diagnosis for their kitty. And sadly, the answer isn’t so simple. In fact, it can vary for each individual cat.


But look, before we dive deep into the causes of CKD… it’s helpful to understand what this condition is and how it can affect your little fur monster!


CKD, also known as kidney failure, is when the kidneys no long function correctly to keep up the bodies requirements. Cats like most living beings, require healthy, functioning kidneys. Why? Because kidneys:


1) Excrete waste from the body

2) Regulate the bodies water content

3) Regulate the bodies blood salts levels

4) Regulate the bodies acidity levels

5) Regulate the production of a variety of hormones and other substances found in the body


As you can see, apart from there being a massive overuse of the word 'Regulate',  them there ol’ kidneys are pretty darn important! And that is why CKD is so dangerous if left untreated.


Anywho… Back to the topic at hand! To help you understand the main causes of CKD a bit better, we’ve outlined the 2 key factors that you need to watch out for to either keep your kitty safe OR understand what caused CKD in your furball in the first place!


Ready? Awesome! Lets go:


Cause 1: Pre Existing Medical conditions


Pre Existing Medical conditions


The most common cause of CKD is actually something you, the loving cat owner, can’t prevent.


Pre-existing medical conditions, just liked they’re named are pre-existing. This often means your precious kitty has been born with some form of kidney insufficiency already. This over time, with age, will get worse.


Pre-existing conditions could include but are not limited to:


1) Birth defects

2) Trauma

3) Hypercalcemia

4) Kidney tumours

5) Bacterial infections

6) Inflammation of the kidneys (Glomerulonephritis)


As pre-existing conditions are impossible to 'prevent' we suggest scheduling regular vet checkups, and keeping an eye on your cats behaviour in case of any changes.


But the truth is, it's tough to notice the existence of these issues until your kitty becomes unwell. And, as a loving cat parent, you have to be kind to yourself and realise you can't solve every problem before it happens. 



Cause 2: Poisoning




This is a little rarer, but equally as important to keep an eye out for. CKD can sometimes result from toxic poisoning of the kidneys.


And this is where you have to be vigilant. Because kidney damage can occur if your cat has been exposed to any of the following toxins:


1) Antifreeze

2) Lilies

3) Grapes

4) Raisins


In the case of grapes and raisins, we suggest keeping them in the fridge. For lilies, its best to not keep them in the house at all.


If feel your cat has ingested one of the above, get in contact with your vet immediately. They will advise you on what to do next.


For your cat’s vet to gain an understanding of the causes that may have led to your cats CKD, they will need to carry out tests of your cat’s blood and urine.


They will also carry out tests to help you understand if any of the underlying causes mentioned above may have contributed to the progression of this condition.


Following these tests you will have a better understanding as to whether your cats CKD was caused by a Congenital condition (one that has been present since birth) or an acquired condition (one that has developed in later life).


One of the most important things to remember is that it is no longer about the causes but how you are going to care for your cat going forward, whether that be with medication or via therapy, including for example a prescription diet.


Remember, a diagnosis of CKD is by no means a death sentence. Research has shown that cats who receive the correct but simple care and treatment can improve their life expectancy. Giving you the opportunity to enjoy many more happy years with your beloved pet, whilst they enjoy the best quality of life. 

You may also wish to consider putting your cat on vet-approved omega 3 essential fatty acid supplements. Although research with Omega 3 and cats is still at an early stage, we do know they assist humans in dealing with kidney disease. 

Not only that take a look at the Scruffy Paws Kidney Vitalize chews, the active ingredients inside them (Astragalus extract & Rhemannia extract) have been scientifically backed to help reduce proteinuria. (Click here to hear to the scientific backing of the product page)


scruffy paws kidney vitalize chews


 And thats not all, take a look at what some of our customers have said about the Kidney Vitalize Chews:


“I am so happy to have found your Kidney-Vitalize Chews. My 15 year old cat Cagney was losing weight and had his blood tested. It showed he was in the beginning stages of kidney disease. My vet suggested changing his diet to a prescription kidney friendly one. I had also seen your product advertised on social media. I ordered a jar and Cagney loved it and it seems to have given him his appetite back.”

- Nancy H 

“My cat bootsie seems to be doing better already! I think she has put on a little weight, more energy and hasnt had any problems urinating. I break up a chew and mix it in with her morning and afternoon feeding. Thank you so much for your product!. And Bootsie thanks you too!"

- Rita A


"I brought my Nicholas 18 years old to the vet today to have his creatine levels checked and they seem to have improved. I've had him on the chews for around a month. I'm totally thrilled with them"

- Anita S

We definitely suggest taking a look at the chews (click the button below to learn more!)



kidney vitalize chews 5




Hopefully you found our article useful and now have a better idea of the causes of CKD!

 Our purpose at Scruffy Paws is to provide cat owners with the best tools to help their cats. This includes articles, videos and world class supplements. Why do we do this?

Because a healthy pet means a happy home.



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  • Mark:
    Both of my older cats who have now crossed the rainbow bridge had Kidney Disease. So we rescued to great cats brother and sister who will be one year old March 17, 2020. I am nervous about kidney disease again and want to know should I start giving them your kidney chews now to prevent this happening to them even at this young age? secondly, I read your article. my one cat copper got into the raison bread and opened the plastic bag an helped himself there where some raisons in that but he has never had them before or after should I be concerned?

    grace m pellegrino

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